February 26, 2009

Opinion Poll

I am pleased that the BBC has published its latest opinion poll findings, and subject to my misgivings which I published a few days ago, I am reasonably happy with the results.

Apart from the headline figure which says that a referendum would achieve a 52% Yes - 39% No vote, I was more pleased with the alternative "Preferendum" question which asked how Wales should be run -

This found that the combined vote of those preferring more powers (up to and including independence) was 57% - those preferring the status quo 21% - while those wanting abolition are 19%.

Or to put it another way, those wanting further powers outnumber the abolitionists by 3-1.

I suspect that this wont be quite enough of a lead for the politicians to risk a referendum, but as I said before - until we start to have a proper debate, we wont find out the true result.

Lets get things started.

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Blewyn said...

Good work mun keep it up.