January 15, 2010

ITV Wales Poll

In yet another confirmation that a referndum on further powers would vote YES, there is another poll published, this time conducted by YouGov on behalf of ITV Wales.

The poll also asked voters' intentions in a referendum over increased law-making powers for the Assembly.Just under half (49%) would vote Yes, down 2% since November, and 32% No, up 2%. But 20% of voters didn't know or wouldn't vote.

There are still a lot of dont knows out there, but yet again there is a clear (but not overwhelming) majority in favour.

January 8, 2010

26th January 2010

Write this date in your diaries, as it is beginning to look like the date that the Senedd will fire the starting gun in the referendum campaign.

Update: It seems I was out by two weeks - date now set for Feb 9th - I can live with that.

There is an excellent analysis done by MH on the timescale for achieving the referendum which highlights most of the issues inviolved and some of the possible pitfalls.

What is critical for me is to let our politicians know (of all parties) that we will not tolerate any more prevarication, pontification, delaying tactics or outright obstruction on this issue. If Peter Hain feels the time is not right then we should mount a concerted all-party campaign to unseat him in Neath. If Cheryl Gillan wants to take more time to analyse what the Senedd will do with its powers, then maybe it is time to call for the abolition of the post of Welsh Secretary.
(In fact both of these objectives should be pursued in any case).

We can expect Untrue Wales to come out fighting with their usual lies and deceptions - but we should not give them any credibility by responding to their arguments, other than to simply rubbish them for what they are - Liars!

We must take the lead in the campaign, and promote positive and objective arguments in favour of the increased powers, such as:

Government of the people of Wales -
by the people of Wales -
for the people of Wales