February 13, 2009

Wales First Hits The Streets

With the news that EJP may be off the Bosnia, many people are speculating as to whether the All Wales Convention is essentially now a dead duck. Asides from the fact that speculation is just that - speculation - the Convention is more than just Sir Emyr Jones Parry and draws from a wide spectrum of Welsh civil society. The likelier scenario is that - assuming he does take up the position - he will simply be replaced by another high profile figure.

Lord Ivor Richard comes to mind, but we all know how his original recommendations were brushed aside because it told Labour something it didn't want to hear...

From Wales First point of view - none of this makes any difference whatsoever. A commitment to a referendum and a "Yes" vote has been made by the One Wales Government, and we will aim to hold them to it. To this end, a leaflet (image above)has now been produced, and members have begun printing them off and distributing them across Wales. Full size copies - in Cymraeg and English - can be obtained by e-mailing rampant_dragon@graffiti.net.

An excellent, and more in-depth information leaflet has also been produced by our allies in Tomorrow's Wales which can be viewed here. It may be premature to say that there is a formal alliance between our two groups, but a positive working relationship is certainly in the process of developing, and reflects the simple reality that support for full law-making powers is something that is gradually attracting an ever-broader cross-section of support across Welsh society.

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