February 24, 2009


Later this week we should find out the details from the latest BBC opinion poll on our attitudes to Devolution. I dont know the detailed wording of their questions, let alone the answers, but I assume that there will be a question relating to whether or not a referndum on law-making powers could be won.

But the problem is that this poll will be meaningless in isolation as there has been no real debate on the subject. People already have their opinions and nothing has happened to change these.

Well almost nothing - there has been a small but vocal 'No' campaign, which will have influenced some waverers by their scaremongering and outright lies -while on the other side the All-Wales Convention has tried to influence and educate people, but in reality they are only speaking to the political classes who have mostly made theire minds up in any case.

And this is the problem - most voters dont like politicians and the political establishment and will jump at the chance to punish them. The opinion poll results will largely reflect the public's views on politicians not devolution, and so therefore has little real meaning at this stage, before any debate.

For a 'Yes' campaign to succeed it must challenge the political establishment and the status quo - not be seen to be part of it.

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