March 1, 2009

Our Rhodri

A few days ago I suggested that any opinion poll on further devolution would in reality only reflect the public's views on our politicians.

The subsequent BBC poll which reported strong (but not overwhelming) support for a referendum, also reported a strong personal level of support for Rhodri Morgan. and this must have influenced the thoughts of some of those responding.

So this begs the question - what will happen when Rhodri steps down as FM?? Will the electorate be as supportive of further powers if Carwyn Jones, Andrew Davies or Huw Lewis are "leading" them. I doubt it.

So maybe a solution would be to ask Rhodri if he can chair the YES campaign as his final political act. Not only would he provide his inimitable style of leadership and charisma, he would also be free from any accusation on the part of the "True" Wales group that he was only interested in personal gain.

1 comment:

Huw Thomas said...

You may be on to something there - hard to imagine that Rhodri will opt for the quiet life come October.