March 11, 2009

Wales Can - Not Sure About Plaid

For years, Plaid have sat on the fence about independence, but have finally had the courage to open the debate with their Wales Can website.

While I am pleased that Plaid have stopped hiding behind weasel words and vague aspirations, and put their heads firmly above the parapet, I am staggered about the timing of this initiative, which can only be described as naiive!

At a time when we are fighting just to achieve a referendum on law-making powers (let alone win it), Plaid have shown True Wales and their ragbag collection of rabid conservative and labour dinosaur supporters an open goal.

The anti-devolutionists will use Plaid's campaign to reinforce their message that a law-making Parliament is nothing more than a step towards independence, and will be scouring the site for further evidence to misquote and add to their collection of untruths and lies.

Why could Plaid not have continued this debate behind closed doors for a little longer, with a simple statement that they were committed towards a Parliament and would only consider a discussion about independence after the goal of a parliament had been achieved.

Why open the debate now??

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