February 21, 2010

A Family Tale

There once was a very large and influential family, but over the years many of the family members drifted away and they found themselves scattered in all four corners of the world. However, despite going their separate ways, they still remained friendly (or most of them anyway) and even met up occasionally at family get togethers.

The family gradually reduced in size until there were just three children and Mother remaining.

One of the children, Andrew, had always been very troublesome and outspoken, and wanted a home of his own. So eventually Mother let him have his own house, but kept on sharing the chores and helping out with the bills, and he stayed close to Mother.

At the same time, Mother also let one of the other children, Norman, have his own house. Norman had a troubled history, and a few years earlier had been involved in a messy divorce with his partner, Pat, which left him with some unresolved issues.

The other child, David, also wanted a house of his own, although wasn't as outspoken as Andrew. Mother was not at all keen on this but she let David have a small flat, but with very little furniture, and which was clearly inadequate.

David felt cheated, and after 10 years Mother gave him some more furniture but she simply refused to give him a house like the other two children.

"Why" said David? "Its just not fair!"

" I am bigger than Norman, and am actually older than Andrew"

But Mother said "That is the point - I cant let you go because you were my first - if you go then I will be left with nothing!"

David replied "But I am not going anywhere - I will just be next door - I am not leaving the family!! But cant you see that the longer you keep me in this tiny flat while my brothers have their own houses, the more likely it is that one day I will want to leave for good!!"

But sometimes, it was pointless trying to reason with Mother.............................

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