February 15, 2010

Carwyn's Tool Box

How does Carwyn Jones sell the referendum?

“Well, I could talk about the constitutional situation in Wales, but can I explain it in this way? You hire three workers. With two of them, you give them a full set of tools. Call them Scotland and Northern Ireland. The other worker, you give that person an empty box and you say, ‘Each time you need a new tool, come to me, explain why you want that tool and then I’ll decide whether I’ll give you that tool.’ That’s Wales. What we want is a full set of tools in the same way as Scotland and Northern Ireland, so we can do the job properly.”

Da Iawn Carwyn!!!

1 comment:

Draig said...

Yup. Gold star for Carwyn. He's half way to being able to actually communicate with the general welsh populace!