November 9, 2008

We've already got Tory Rule

There are those who argue that we need a Welsh Parliament because we are likely to see a Cameron government in less than 2 years time (let's dismiss the "Brown Bounce" for what it is, a bounce!) and are basically headed back to a period of undemocratic Tory rule.

To those people, this quote from our beloved Welsh Sec, Comrade Paul Murphy, should give pause for thought;

"I think that the LCO that deals with the ending of the sale of council houses will produce controversy. For the past two decades in Wales, the fact that houses have been sold by local authorities has meant that people in Wales, by becoming home owners, have improved their lot."

Paul Murphy MP, Welsh Grand Committee speech, December 12th 2007.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that Thatcher's argument when she brought in the Right to Buy in the first place?

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