November 10, 2008

Devolution Roundup

Between Obama and Glenrothes it has been a good week to bury bad news! Is that why the Conservative party eventually published an interim (not the full) report on the Welsh Constitution? If it was it failed because the report has had a great deal of response.

The Western Mail thought that it was a Waste of Eight Long Months and a plan to delay law-making poll with another devolution inquiry. Ouch!

What did the bloggers think?
Not a lot.

Glyn Davies the most supportive of Tory pro Devos Cannot make a fully considered post at this stage, because I've not had a chance to read it. If Glyn can't comment on a Tory policy document that he hasn't read then surely his political opponents can't either!

Oh Yes they can:

Che Grav-ara has been counting the days down in anticipation of the report. His conclusion 250 Days for Nothing.

Betsan Powys, being the sweetie that she is, couldn't work out if the report was a glacier mint or a fudge . Sir Wyn's suggestion of yet another committee to look at the devolution settlement reminded Betsan's colleague Vaughan of the Committee set up by a County Council to look at reducing the number of committees!

Bethan Jenkins AM is a sweetie too, one has to read between the lines of her blog post to see that she thinks that Sir Wyn's contribution is a load of ***** too, she's just to polite to say so! Bethan should learn how to be a real harridan from her colleague Leanne Wood, who has no hesitation in claiming that Sir Wyn is anti-Welsh and out of touch. Peter Black agrees with what Bethan and Leanne say, but he is just so more liberally polite in the way that he says so. Plaid's chair, John Dixon, however, dismisses the report as Management Speak.

Our own blog issues a challenge to Nick Bourn to come clean. Sadly he is yet to answer the call

If lancing the Roberts (interim) report wasn't enough excitement for us devo-holics Thursday saw the Bevan Foundation bash on the Evolution of Devolution. Its conclusion's can be found here in PDF form. Opinions can be found from Peter Black, who sees them not only defending the indefensible, but confusing criticism of the LCO process with the Assembly Measures Process.

On Thursday Adam Price MP called for for a Yes! Campaign to be started NOW! Adam is supposed to be a with it politico with a Facebook presence - the campaign is there Adam - join it. Ian James Johnson says YES to Adam's call.

Tomorrow's Wales is a website worth watching. An organisation that Supports, rather than actively campaigns for further Devolution, I think!!

In other news Happy Birthday to Angharad Annwyl, Pendroni's Mam

Amanwy has an update on the Bevan Foundation bash, and what Hugh Edwards, The Archbishop and others had to say.

And breaking news, David Jones MP and Peter Hain MP both agree that Assembly Members are too stupid to make decisions in the best interest of the people of Wales.

Add any links to your Blog's Devo stories, things worth reading in the MSM etc to the comments section for inclusion in next weeks roundup!

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Anonymous said...

"David Jones MP and Peter Hain MP both agree that Assembly Members are too stupid to make decisions in the best interest of the people of Wales"

They do have a point...

Unknown said...

@anonymous: rubbish. That's like saying someone is rubbish at football after you tie their legs together and blindfold them.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add my translation of Adam Prices's blog (Not to mention my reaction to the Roberts Report on Ordovicius and Thye Devil's Kitchen.

Anonymous said...

And what, exactly, makes peter Hain an expert on the subject?

Anonymous said...

Why are Welsh nationalists all so sour? No spark of fun, no laughter. That's why they get so little support. All miserable sods.

Anonymous said...

Why do u talk so much bollocks??

Why are unionists so borring and hard headed more like lol!

whats wrong with a Parliament with law making powers that matter to us THE People of WALES??
...if you'r saying that Welsh people are too thick to have a government of ther own, then what the hell you doing in Wales?
I dont see whats the problem with a parliament with full law making powers...Peter Hain would obviously be against it as any unionist, not because he aint really welsh... but he's just a borring old sod! not giving Wales (a country) a right to a government with full law making powers is un-democratic!

Anonymous said...
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