October 17, 2008

Has Anyone Seen Emyr?

More than one year ago, Emyr Jones Parry was appointed to lead the All Wales Convention, which was tasked with:

  • Raising awareness and improving understanding of the current arrangements for devolved government in Wales and for the future implications of the Government of Wales Act 2006
  • Facilitating and stimulating a widespread, thorough and participative consultation at all levels of Welsh society on the issue of primary law making powers.
  • Preparing an analysis of the views expressed and the evidence presented through this process.
  • Assessing the level of public support for giving the Assembly primary law making powers.
    Reporting to the Assembly government on its findings, with recommendations relevant to the holding of a referendum.

Well apart from EJP’s initial appointment I don’t think I have heard anything from him. The convention has a website but it is sorely lacking in information which suggests that it is failing to meet the first of its objectives. Maybe the convention is busy working away behind the scenes……….does anyone know?

Maybe we can get EJP to join facebook as part of the consultative process???

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