October 15, 2008

Facebook Campaign

Jim Dunckley and Alwyn ap Huw have started a campaign on Facebook in support of calling a referendum on law making powers for the National Assembly and supporting a Yes vote:

Wales First / Cymru Gyntaf is a non-party political group calling for a "Yes" vote in the upcoming referendum on full lawmaking powers for the Welsh Assembly. Our aim is to use the internet to mobilise popular support for a full Parliament for Wales. Let's give our first democratically elected forum here in Wales the power it needs to put Wales FIRST.

Mae Cymru Gyntaf / Wales First yn grŵp allbleidiol sydd yn galw am bleidlais "IE" yn y refferendwm arfaethedig ar hawliau deddfu llawn i Gynulliad Cymru.Ein bwriad yw defnyddio'r we i godi cefnogaeth boblogaidd dros Senedd i Gymru.Mynnwn fod ein corff etholedig democrataidd cenedlaethol yn cael y grym i roi Cymru GYNTAF

With a No campaign already getting publicity, despite only having half a dozen members, it is important that a Yes campaign exists to oppose them. With some supporters of Devolution dithering and wondering if a referendum could be won it is important that there is a grass roots support campaign to show that there is support for putting Wales first and an enthusiasm for the Yes cause. As John Dixon said a few weeks ago the wait and see approach being proposed by some has risks "a risk that we wait until the polls show that the argument has been clearly won before we start to present the case; and I don't understand how anyone would ever expect to decisively win any argument without putting the case."

If you support a yes vote in a referendum, I would be grateful if you joined the Wales First campaign, asked your friends to join and gave the campaign a mention on your blogs, web-pages, forums etc
Update - Facebook now has 1,000 members and growing....... Congratulations!!!

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