March 6, 2011

Dusting Off the Cobwebs

This blog and its corresponding Facebook page were set up in October 2008, because a number of us who were not prominent politicians were worried that those who were prominent hadn't picked up the gauntlet and started campaigning early and often for a Yes vote in the, at that time, undated prospective 2006 GoW Act Referendum.

I wouldn't claim that Wales First was decisive in securing the Yes Vote last Thursday, but I do think that we deserve a pat on the back, for starting the momentum that resulted in Thursday's historic victory.

Having gained our objective, is there any point in the continuation of Wales First, this blog and our Facebook profile?

I would strongly suggest that there is!

Having secured a Yes vote, partially by saying that the question is the question, and that further issues like getting parity with Scotland, devolution of policing, broadcasting and financial responsibility were not referendum issues; the Political Parties are unlikely to press for the next step in the devolution debate for some time.

The parties will be as shy in pressing for the evolution of devolution as they were in pressing for a yes vote when this group was formed 3 years ago!

I believe that Wales First still has a job to do! The same job as it had three years ago, agitating for a better devolution settlement, whilst the political parties are doubtful about doing so for the sake of political expediency!


Draig said...

Spot on. And if Rachel Banner and Co. are still going to be around, sniping from the sidelines, then Wales First has an important role to play as counterweight.

But yes, we have unfinished business to attend to over the next few years, and that means organising, pushing and agitating for full equality with the other devolved nations of the UK.

And if events in the middle east have taught us anything over the last few months, it is that facebook has a role to play in forwarding the cause of real democracy. How big that role is remains unclear, but it's there nonetheless.

Unknown said...

An excellent result last week, but there is much more to be done.

We have not seen the end of Rachel Banner or Len Gibbs (although I expect the other TW nobodies to disappear without a trace) and we should be ready to challenge their lies at every opportunity.

But we should also be looking at ourselves to set the agenda. The next stage of our journey must be:

- Devolution of policing and criminal justice
- Establishment of separate Welsh jurisdiction
- Devolution of responsibility for Rail infrastructure (with funding)

Unfortunately, Labour in Cardiff Bay is in no postion to deliver these as part of a new One-Wales agreement so Plaid should think very carefully about jumping into bed with them again just for the sake of some ministerial chairs.

Revenai said...

with "full equality with the other devolved nations of the UK."

And to hell with England I take it? How very democratic of you.

Alwyn ap Huw said...

And to hell with England I take it?
Not at all I would be quite happy to see England having its own parliament - but that is for the people of England to campaign for, not Wales First

Unknown said...

Forget Rachel Banner and her slippery slope trolls, we need to bring Plaid to account.

We need a political party that doesn't just aspire to being a junior coalition member.