June 3, 2009

Not To Be Trusted

Just in case there are any Labour AMs out there who can not make up their minds as to whether to support the call for a referendum on law-making powers, and then campaign for a Yes vote, then this story should swing it.

When (not if) the Conservatives form the next Westminster government, we can expect another appointed English Secretary of State (Cheryl may be Welsh born but has no Welsh mandate) to make policy decisions on already devolved matters without reference to our elected AMs - while insisting we need a referendum or a convoluted LCO process to get more powers.

We need that referendum voted through the Senedd and then Westminster without delay, as it is looking increasingly like Labour can not cling on in Westminster till the new year, so we will need this vote passed before they collapse. If we do not we can kiss our existing settlement goodbye, let alone further powers.

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