January 28, 2009

Real News to Follow...

I am not sure if Betsan Powys was frustrated or embarrassed by the first public meeting of the AWC in Port Talbot. But it looks at least like someone has decided to spend some money wisely and conduct an opinion poll on the subject.

Here is a quick tip for Emyr J-P and friends - Forget the farcical public meetings - Just conduct one opinion poll a month on the subject (You have the money to do so), and let the newspapers & TV report and discuss the results. Politicians on both sides will be drawn into the debate, and the public will start to hear both sides of the debate and will start to form opinions. Then each month the effect of these discussions will feed into the polls and after a few months we might know how people really feel.

I am a firm believer in democracy, and I am prepared to follow the views of the majority. But I am concerned that unless there is more open debate on the subject, then a future referendum campaign will achieve another minority result (whether Yes or No) which the losing side will bicker over for years to come.

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