November 18, 2009

Sorry Peter......

So finally, the All-Wales Convention, headed by Emyr Jones Parry has published its report.

It is going to take a few days to pick through all of its 120 pages, and I will get back to some of its details later, but for now, here are the key points:
  • The existing devolution settlement is too complex, and lacks public understanding
  • The LCO system is particularly complex and does not meet basic democratic principles
  • Moving to legislative powers would be cost-neutral.
  • Public support for devolution (wether existing or increased) is very strong, with 72% in favour
  • Public support for increased powers is strong but not overwhelming with 47% in favour and 37% against.
  • A referendum could be won if held, but it is not guaranteed and much would depend on timing
So generally good news (unless you are Peter Hain). More later......

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Draig said...

Good posting here Penddu. It's good news, but as usual subject to the usual process of maneuvering by Labour. I think Peter Black has made some valid points on his blog about the timing implications if there isn't an Assembly vote till June.

The referendum shouldn't be allowed to conincide with the Assembly elections, nor should it be delayed until after.