February 25, 2009

A Nation No More

The BBC has a deserved reputation for getting its facts right, so is this just an error, or are we now officially a Region ????? and has Rhodri been demoted?


Just in case it gets pulled - see the text below:

Ministers meet Brown over economy

The talks at Downing Street lasted for five hours
Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness are to meet the prime minister in London later to discuss the economy.
The first and deputy first ministers are also expected to raise the plight of members of the Presbyterian Mutual Society who face losing their savings.
Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and the Welsh minister Rhodri Morgan will also be at the talks.
The meeting is at Downing Street's request and comes as the regions are facing increasing financial pressure.
The Treasury is seeing £5bn in cuts across the regions, which Northern Ireland Finance Minister Nigel Dodds has pledged to resist.
The meeting is expected to last about an hour.

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alfsplace1986 said...

Yesw it does look like it has been pulled if you go to the link from the blog